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TPCS Partners

TPCS has created strategic partnerships with companies whose products, skills and capabilities complement and enrich the TPCS business.

Swiss technical textile producer, Sefar, manufactures a huge variety of products for numerous applications. Working in close cooperation with TPCS, Sefar has produced the bespoke mesh which is the basis of the detection system. www.sefar.ch
Isothane is responsible for the bespoke polymer coatings used to install and protect the detection sensor. Isothane has produced 3 bespoke layers: a base coat, a top-coat and an optional high-impact finishing coat, for high fork lift traffic areas. www.isothane.com

Impeva Labs provides global asset management services, which include a variety of high reliability devices for tracking, monitoring and security. When integrated with the TPCS intrusion detection product, an intrusion attempt anywhere in the world will be reported in less than 2 minutes to any end-user via secure web-based notification. www.impeva.com


PearTrack supplies battery powered GPS tracking systems with a range of tracking units starting with a rechargeable personal GPS tracking unit with a 30 day battery life and extending to a GPS Container tracking unit with a 10 year battery. www.peartrack.com