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8 September 2010: TPCS Appoints Tom Ridge to Board of Directors

BELMONT, Ma. – September 8, 2010 – Tamper Proof Container Systems (TPCS), a Massachusetts-based security technology solutions provider, specializing in the areas of port and container security, pipeline and infrastructure security, and nuclear non-proliferation efforts, has named Tom Ridge, president and CEO of Ridge Global, an international risk management and security firm, to its Board of Directors. The two companies will combine Ridge Global’s world-class expertise in security and operational continuity with TPCS’s innovative technology solution to mitigate security threats and enhance cargo loss prevention capabilities.

Ridge, the first U.S. secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and former governor of Pennsylvania, joins board members Dr. Gilbert D. Beinhocker, chairman and CEO of TPCS, and Leonard Phillips. Beinhocker and Phillips are the original founders of TPCS.

"We are delighted to welcome Secretary Ridge to the TPCS board," said Beinhocker. "He and his expert team at Ridge Global have a deep, multi-disciplined knowledge base that will enable TPCS to accelerate commercial progress in the global security market."

"I am pleased to join the board of TPCS," said Ridge. "TPCS has made great inroads in the development and application of intrusion detection technologies, which are vital to meeting today's increasingly sophisticated security challenges. Ridge Global and TPCS look forward to working together to bring these end-to-end supply chain security innovations to market."

TPCS-UK, the operational arm of the Intrusion Detection System Manufacturing Group, has a security technology portfolio developed with the cooperation of several British security services, and received a Level 8 security rating on multiple tests, from the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) in the United Kingdom.

“Our intrusion detection product received LPCB’s highest security rating. Level 8 means, among other things, after a full day of testing, the LPCB could not defeat the TPCS intrusion detection solution,” Beinhocker said.

About Tamper Proof Container Systems

TPCS provides unique and proprietary technology to secure any volumetric space to any specified resolution from intrusion, on a fail-safe (yes/no) basis. The intrusion detection system is an electrical or optical fuse path signal, which envelops the volumetric space of any three dimensional asset, which is then protected by continuous monitoring for physical intrusion. Applications include maritime and aviation cargo containers to protect high value assets from theft or interference, as well as a national security solution to the surreptitious insertion of a weapon of mass destruction into a cargo container while in transit. Additionally, the TPCS intrusion detection system can monitor stationary structural assets, such as pipelines. For further information, please visit www.tpcscorp.com.

About Ridge Global

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Ridge Global provides strategic and operational services that advance the security and economic interests of businesses and governments worldwide. Led by The Honorable Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and former governor of Pennsylvania, Ridge Global offers international expertise across a scope of core functional business concerns, including risk management, global trade security, emergency preparedness and response, strategic growth, infrastructure protection, technology integration and crisis management. For further information, please visit www.ridgeglobal.com.

CONTACT: Mary Jo Joyce - 202.276.6500 - MJJ@practical-strategies.com

June 2010: Securing Pharma Article
Phil Taylor of SecuringPharma.com, the free-to-access information service that covers issues surrounding supply chain and brand security in the pharmaceutical industry speaks to Peter Morton. Full article link

February 2010: Investment in TPCS
TPCS and Futura Shipping and Invest completed negotiations for an investment into TPCS. The new investor is Futura Shipping and Invest, a Danish company controlled by Tonny Paulsen, who was Co-founder / partner, CEO and board member of Unifeeder Group. The funds are being used to build demonstration and trials boxes and to market the maritime product.

February 2009: Joint development with Shere Ltd
Shere and TPCS announce that they have jointly developed a secure ticketing machine to counter the growing threat of theft and damage from robbery attempts.
Losses from attacks on ticketing machines in 2008 amounted to many millions of pounds. To counter this problem, Shere have further developed their market leading cabinet, to detect intrusion and to delay entry. The aim of both measures is to deter attacks. Detection is achieved by fitting a sleeve to the outside of the existing case, which is lined with TPCS’ patented intrusion detection technology, which consists of a mesh containing copper wire at 2.3mm separation, embedded in a bespoke polymer. The alarm is immediate, on breaking the copper wire. TPCS has also supplied bespoke intrusion detection sensors for the lock plates. Entry is into the cabinets is delayed by various means. A prototype of the new machine was displayed at the Railway Community Safety Forum in Birmingham and has now been deployed for field testing.
Commenting on the development, Peter Morton, TPCS Corp’s President said that this was an important endorsement of this new technology and there are many applications for this technology elsewhere on the network and for cash handling machines in other sectors.

August 2008: TPCS maritime container tested by UK’s Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).
The tests to the internationally recognized LP1176 standard were witnessed by officials from cpni (MI5) and HMR&C (UK Customs). LPCB have 8 performance levels and the 8 tests performed produced 6 passes at Level 8 and 2 at a minimum of Level 5. During a full day of tests, LPCB were unable to achieve any intrusion, at 6mm resolution, without an instant alarm. The 2 modifications suggested by LPCB, to achieve an overall Level 8, have been incorporated into the design and manufacturing.

Exhibitions and Events

Counter Terror Expo 2010. TPCS demonstrated a maritime container at the show which ran from 14th and 15th April 2010, at Olympia, London.

MultiModal 2010. TPCS is showing a maritime container at MultiModal 2010, at the NEC in Birmingham, from the 27th to the 29th April 2010.