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8 September 2010: TPCS Appoints Tom Ridge to Board of Directors [full article]

Tamper Proof Containers Systems (TPCS) is the provider of the World’s only 6-sided intrusion detection system for maritime containers.

Every TPCS container is equipped with TPCS’ unique detection sensor, which lines all 6 surfaces of the container.  The detection sensor has a resolution of 6 mm (1/4”) and is digital (on/off) – it does not require any calibration in service, is not prone to false alarms and is repairable, in the event of accidental damage.  The sensor is connected to a choice of communications and tracking modules.

The TPCS fully patented solution to the perennial problem of theft and tampering with freight is cost effective and has been successfully tested by the United Kingdom’s Loss Prevention Certification Board, where it achieved the highest available standard.

GSM and / or the Iridium satellite cluster communicate alarms.  Customers can select a preferred tracking and communications provider but TPCS has partner arrangements with Peartrack and Impeva Labs, for GSM and Iridium respectively.  Both of these providers offer “Back Office” support systems which allow users to track and monitor their cargo.

The TPCS detection system can be applied to many other enclosed spaces including:

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