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Security benefits of intrusion prevention

TPCS has extensive experience of the shipping industry and understands the threats to commerce and national security which arise from theft and interference from shipping containers.

Instant intrusion detection, coupled with low latency alarm transmission, improves deterrence and intrusion detection is a major requirement of both maritime and air cargo security regimes, for the following reasons:

Any inspection regime at foreign ports will be made worthless if there is intrusion after inspection and prior to arrival at the point of destination.

Protecting the doors is not enough and both the UK and US security organisations want 6-sided protection. The TPCS design will guarantee the detection of 1/4 inch (6mm) intrusion instantly.

The World’s law enforcement agencies have failed to prevent human trafficking, stowaways, drug smuggling, contraband, organised targeted theft and other problems. A device that guarantees detection of intrusion provides the security forces and other law enforcement bodies with advance notice of potential threats and allows them to deploy their limited resources in a more focused way.

The prevention of interference with and contamination of food and drug shipments is a vital step towards protecting the general public. Food and drug companies are at risk of litigation if they fail to protect shipments, particularly if there is a major public health problem, potentially uninsured, in the event of terrorist attack.

The TPCS anti-intrusion detection system will enable customs and border agents to deploy their resources elsewhere, once confidence in the TPCS product has been established. This will have a significant impact on the logistics chain, providing substantial commercial benefit to shippers.